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So 2012 is moments away and I think it’s safe to speculate that it won’t be any less fruitful, deflating, and bizarre as 2011. We have out lasted some pretty crazy pop-culture trends and celebrity obsessions–numerous they are and nameless they shall remain. We’ve not-so-narrowly avoided the apocalypse. We’ve seen a handful of despots and demagogs toppled, as they say, and we have cheered guiltily at their barbaric demises. We have sought after meager livings and weighed in on the value of a fair chance at wealth and freedom. The most potent and rampant opinion has and will be indifference. It seems the countries at the top of the pecking order have had some reality checks. It is also nice to see the countries toward the bottom making their bid toward civility – though often in the most uncivilized ways. Thanks to these springs in human virtue, we enjoy the winter of this year with an august heart but I know, as years before, the coming precipice will be crossed seamlessly and in perfunctory party fashion. The flipping of the calendar will make it all seem as if it happens again instead of the reality that it is always happening.


Which is where I’d like to throw my hat in. It’s high time I had an open forum to broadcast my thoughts. Many poor souls have taken the brunt of my desire to un-poison the well. Anybody within earshot has received the (often unasked for) challenge to their opinions; my sympathies and many thanks to them though I cannot promise that will stop. Hopefully this blog will be my release and I’ll be able to read The Riot Act in a more concise fashion to more willing ears and minds.


I’d like The Riot Act to serve a discussion board. I welcome comments and counter arguments as long as they remain civil and to the point. I hope to organize debates on this site as well, to which people can post and pick sides in the discussion. Really what I’m aiming to do is bridge the minds of the people I know and will know, and to inspire critical thought about the things they believe and the beliefs they encounter.


It’s a long and hard journey, this yearly thing we do. Let’s welcome the hardships for a change, and challenge ourselves to challenge ourselves.


This is my test post.

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I’m just learning how to use wordpress. This is a test. This is only a test.