The Riot Act, originally a proclamation to quell civil unrest, has grown to mean much more in our common use of the word. It has become the rolled up newspaper on the nose of incompetence. It is a phrase that signifies the transfer of authority to the defiant. Where the literal Riot Act would protect the sovereignty of power, now it could be the banner under which unsettling truths may stake their claims. In the title of this blog I’d like for it to bridge the gap between the two. Our generation has been fraught with the deluge of information; an overload of He-said/She-said and my personal hatred for the ambiguous and often ill conceived They, and what ever it is that They said. It’s hard for me to determine whether it has become easier or harder to fall into the trap of groupthink with all these available sources of information but it’s obvious to me that it still prevails in the free market exchange of ideas. This is what The Riot Act has been created to prevent.

I’d like to make regular posts every Sunday which may range from current events, ideology, or personal. I encourage comments and criticisms as long as they’re friendly and on topic and are conducive to good debate and conversation. This being said, I hope to instigate controversy and pick at the uneasiness many of us harbor for certain ideas we consider to be sacred. The goal of this is to make us breach our shells and make available the entire set of our knowledge to scrutiny and questioning.

Thank you for participating or at least reading. My hopes are to gain something out of this project with regards to my writing, my discipline, and my beliefs. I also hope to challenge my readers in one regard or another. Please be kind and spread and share my posts, regardless of whether you hate them or love them. The more that share in reading The Riot Act, the more we can question popular and unpopular ideas with new minds.


  1. Jim says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Read your latest post on terror. Of course just who is a “terrorist” is very poorly (and conveniently so) defined by the Administration.

    BTW, I thought about this re: CT shooting. Guns don’t kill people, but people don’t kill people either. It’s the bullets, especially if they are moving really fast…

    Jim from AV

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