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These are serious questions I’d like to explore. Please answer, add, or explain anything listed here:

1) Where do souls come from?

2) When does a soul really “enter” a human? Is it at conception?

3) If so, then what about in the case of fraternal twins? Does the soul split in two in order to inhabit both siblings?

4) How do souls interact with biological matter?

5) When a soul enters a newly formed embryo, is it the same age? Is the soul older?

6) Do souls age with the person?

7) Are souls directly connected to the biological matter of a human?

8) If so, are humans that suffer brain injury or loss of mental ability still contain a soul? Is the soul fully cognizant?

9)If you were to remove the brain from a body, would the brain contain the soul or the body?

10) Are souls self aware?

11) If we know when souls enter the body, do we know at the exact moment in which it exits?

12) Are ghosts displaced souls?

13) If you accept evolution, at what point did Homo Erectus start attaining souls?

14) Only humans have souls?

Please inform me.



More on making learning fun.

It’s become my new mission to make Science cool in a pop-culture sense. Riding the wave of the new Mars lander, Curiosity, I think it’s a great moment to capitalize on the focus of these things while the time is right.


So here is the Wikipedia explanation of Schrodinger’s Cat. If not your brain is both dead and alive at the same time.